Two Reasons to Hire a Four-Wheel Drive Before Travelling Through a Rural Area

Posted on: 14 December 2017

If you intend to travel through a rural area, it might be worth hiring a vehicle from a local 4wd hire company before you head off on your trip. Read on to find out why.

It could prevent a breakdown

Hiring a four-wheel drive instead of a standard two-wheel car for your trip could potentially reduce the likelihood of a breakdown occurring during your travels.  

The reason for this is as follows; rural areas often have unpaved roads. During periods of wet weather, these types of roads can become extremely muddy and slippery.

If you choose to hire a two-wheel vehicle and it happens to rain at any point during your trip, there is a very good chance that the tyres of the car will get stuck in the mud, as the tyre tread depths of most two-wheel cars are shallow and will fill up with mud in a matter of seconds and subsequently stop rolling forward.

In this situation, you would probably need to either physically push the vehicle out of the muddy area or call a roadside assistance company to come and tow it away.

Conversely, the tyres of a four-wheel drive have much deeper treads; this means that they will not slip or get stuck if driven over a muddy surface. As such, they can be safely driven over unpaved roads, even during a bout of heavy rain.

It will make driving on rough terrain easier and more comfortable

The stability of a four-wheel drive, coupled with the wide width and deep tread depth of its tyres, could make your journey across rough rural terrain a lot less trying.

The tyres' ability to retain traction on slippery gradients, for example, will mean that you will be able to easily drive up and down steep hills without the vehicle constantly slipping backwards or forwards.

The powerful suspension system of a four-wheel drive will also make any driving trips on uneven roads a lot more comfortable, as you won't feel every single rock or bump that you drive over.

Finally, the height of a four-wheel drive can make it easier for you to see the road in front of you; this, in turn, can make you feel more at ease, because from your raised position, you will be better able to spot and avoid colliding with people or animals or driving over sharp debris that could puncture one of your vehicle's tyres.