Time for a Tune Up? Here's the Three Questions to Ask Your Mechanic Before Any Car Service is Done!

Posted on: 11 December 2017

Many of us are at the mercy of mechanics whilst getting car service -- at least to some degree. After all, few people are knowledgeable about exactly what goes on under the bonnet -- and sometimes it may just seem easier to trust what the mechanic tells you. However, you don't need to have ace automotive skills to ask the mechanic the right questions before your next car service. Here are the three questions you need to ask. 

Exactly Which Car Services Will Be Done?

Before any work begins, it's best to ask the mechanic for a specific list of the services included in the service price. Even if you're just in for a quick tune-up before hitting the motorway for your holiday, you need to verify what they'll do for you. For example, a vehicle tune-up typically includes diagnostic check and electronic tuning, but it may also include other services. Your mechanic may also plan to change the oil, change the filters, and check your tyres for you as well. 

What Happens if the Mechanic Finds a Problem?

It's vital that you ask the mechanic how they'll proceed if they discover an issue with your vehicle. The only acceptable answer is "We'll contact you straight away." Never work with a mechanic who won't discuss any additional work (and costs!) with you prior to starting the work. Just a few small additional repairs can quickly add up, and before you know it your bill could be doubled, tripled, or even worse. Even if the mechanic deems a certain repair to be crucial, it's still your decision -- and your money, -- so insist that they discuss any additional repairs with you first. 

Will You Receive a Warranty on the Car Service?

Some types of car service will include a warranty, so be sure to get the details about any warranties on offer. There are two general categories of warranties, parts and labour. The parts warranties are generally supplied by the manufacturer of the auto parts whilst the labour warranty is provided by the mechanic themselves. If you aren't given a warranty automatically but are instead given the option to purchase one, ask the mechanic for written details of how and when the warranty can be enacted. If you get a warranty, make sure that it's detailed on your receipt.

Ready to have your car serviced, but don't know much about autos? That's fine, you don't need to as long as you pay close attention and ask your mechanic the three simple questions above.