4 Times You Might Need A REGO Inspection

Posted on: 26 July 2022

While you can sometimes register a vehicle without an inspection, there are times when you need to have the vehicle formally checked. You might need to use a qualified inspector or inspection service depending on regulations in your state.

Read on to learn more about times when you might need to book an inspection as part of the vehicle registration process.

1. New Or Expired Registrations

Some states require you to have a REGO inspection when you register a car for the first time. You also often have to have a vehicle inspected if you've let its registration lapse.

States will generally want to see proof that a car has passed various checks if it hasn't been registered for a while. However, if you've just forgotten to re-register a car in time, then you might get a grace period of a few weeks or months in which time you can register it without a check.

2. Age Regulations

Older cars are more likely to need regular REGO inspection checks than newer models. Some states require you to give proof of a REGO inspection every time you renew your registration if your car is over a certain age.

In some locations, this regulation only applies when you transfer ownership of a car. So, for example, you might need a REGO inspection when you sell an older car before you can change its registration details.

3. Transfer Of Ownership

If you're selling or buying a car, then you need to transfer its ownership and registration. During this process, you're likely to need a REGO inspection.

In some cases, the seller will organise this inspection to make things easier for the buyer. However, if the seller doesn't want to renew the car's registration before they sell it, then the buyer has to sort this out. You might be able to register the vehicle before you have the inspection in some cases.

4. Interstate Transfers

Vehicle registrations are generally only valid in your home registration state. You will need a new vehicle registration after an interstate move, sales or purchase.

Interstate transfers usually require a REGO inspection. You'll need proof of this inspection before you can transfer the car's registration.

To find out more about rules in your state, contact local REGO inspection professionals. They can help you work out if you need an inspection and, if so, they can do this job for you so that you have the documentation you need to register your vehicle.