Multi-Combination Licence: Understanding the Critical Application Factors

Posted on: 15 April 2021

Upgrading your heavy vehicle driving licence to a multi-combination (MC) licence will open up more career opportunities in the transportation industry. The MC licence is ideal for people interested in driving trucks with more than a single trailer. If you have this document, you can take up long-haul, road-train, tanker or general interstate driving. Moreover, the licence will allow you to handle all other vehicles used for commercial transport. If you are interested in taking up the multi-combination challenge, consider these critical factors before application.

Licence Requirements

You should determine if you are qualified enough to apply for and hold an MC licence. The specific requirements for the application will depend on your local area of residence. So, consult the relevant department for information or consult a driving school for comprehensive information. In most cases, one needs an active heavy vehicle licence. The document can be a heavy rigid or heavy combination.

The government will require you to be medically fit to apply for this licence. Your eyesight, in particular, must be good enough for safe driving. If you have an underlying chronic condition, you might need to complete a medical examination before clearance for the application. Additionally, you must complete the knowledge before you can begin learning MC driving.

Transmission Options

Commercial trucks come with different types of transmission, and you can choose the most suitable one for your needs. You should discuss the options with your chosen driving instructor before beginning. If you know the benefits and drawbacks, you will find the best fit for your transportation career. Automatic transmission is becoming popular because more truck manufacturers are incorporating the technology.

The internal mechanism of an automatic truck gearbox is different from small cars, but the handling is similar. Synchromesh transmissions are perhaps the most popular because of the ease of operation. The design eliminates the need for double-clutching, making it easier to operate. Many drivers opt for this convenient design. Besides, inquire about synchronous and non-synchronous options.

Student Tuition Plan

Finally, you must have a clear plan for the MC driving course. Poor preparation can lead to gaps in your knowledge after completion. The critical things that you should discuss with your instructor include the duration of the course, number of sessions, flexibility and tuition fees. You should also understand the structure of teaching. A good driving school will offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes both on-road and off-road skills. Additionally, address the issue of assessment to avoid inconvenience after course completion.