6 Tips for Making Castor Wheels Faster

Posted on: 18 December 2017

If you're moving supply carts around your factory, mobile bookshelves around your library or any other type of items on castor wheels, you may be wondering how you can speed up movement. If you're tired of castor wheels that are too slow, you may want to check out the following tips. They are designed to help your castor wheels go faster and save you time as you work.

1. Clear the Area

A clear path makes it easier for castor wheels to move. If you're working outside, move rocks or other obstructions. Inside, make sure to sweep the area on a regular basis so that debris doesn't catch on the wheels and slow them down.

2. Avoid Carpet

Unfortunately, even if the carpet is clean, it can be hard for the castor wheels to move along it. If possible, consider ripping up the carpet in heavy traffic areas and replacing it with hard surface flooring. Alternatively, you may want to lay down plastic mats or runners to help your castor wheels move more easily around certain areas.

3. Clean the Wheels

If your castor wheels aren't clean, it may be harder for them to move. On a regular basis, clean the wheels by removing debris. Long items such as carpet fibres, hair and rubberbands can also get wrapped around the wheel's axles and make it harder for them to move. Try to pull those items off while cleaning your castor wheels.

4. Grease the Castor Wheels

You may also want to apply oil to your castor wheels. Apply the oil gently to any moving parts and wipe off excess oil. Some castor wheels have little chambers inside the axles that can take oil for easier movement. Read the manufacturer's instructions to ensure you are applying the grease correctly based on the type of wheel you have.

5. Replace Broken Wheels

Sometimes, wheels may wear down in the normal course of use. In other cases, castor wheels may get broken due to being overloaded or because of running into or over sharp objects. In these cases, don't let the other three wheels work overtime. That can cause those wheels to wear down prematurely and cause the entire cart or item to move more slowly. Instead, if a castor wheel breaks, make sure to replace it as soon as possible.

6. Opt for Inflatables

Finally, consider replacing your current castor wheels with inflatable wheels. The air makes it easier for them to move over rough terrain without slowing down.