Three Critical Considerations on Choosing an Engine Oil Filter

Posted on: 19 December 2017

The engine oil filter is an essential element of the optimal performance and longevity of an automobile engine. In simple terms, the motor oil circulates in the engine during the normal functions of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the fluid tends to become dirty over time due to contamination from dust, general debris and even metal filings from internal engine components. If these particles are not eliminated, they will keep circulating in the engine, causing abrasion. Over time, the friction will cause damage to the critical internal components. Therefore, you must install replacement engine oil filters to prevent this detriment. Here are some important factors to consider for ideal selection of a new motor oil filter.

Specific Filter Type

If you have a standard vehicle without special engine features, you should purchase the primary oil filter. This component is designed to clean the oil from most particles while promoting the efficient flow of oil around the engine. While its filtration efficiency is not exception, it can handle the demand of most vehicles. The secondary oil filter is primarily used in diesel engines, but it can also be installed in petrol engines. As implied, this filter is designed to perform a second filtration of the oil to remove the residue impurities. The installation of the filter will extend the life of the engine. You can also purchase a magnetic speciality filter. This component is efficient for handling the metal filings and rust particles which might fall into the oil.

Filter Sizing

Engine oil filters look the same from an outward perspective, particularly to an individual without experience in automobiles. However, these components are different and purchasing the wrong one can be detrimental for your vehicle. Simply speaking, the wrong size filter will not seat correctly after installation. Also, there will be some discrepancy in the threads after installation. As a result, the oil might not all pass through the filtration matrix. Instead, it may leak and cause numerous future problems. Therefore, you should provide the details on the vehicle model, make and year to your auto parts supplier.

Filter Interior

Finally, you should evaluate the interior parts of the filtration components before purchase. The interior sections are manufactured using different materials, depending on the quality. If you want an inexpensive filter, you should choose cellulose filters. However, you should remember that they are not highly durable. Mid-range filters are fabricated using synthetic fibres while high-end alternatives are made from micro-glass fibres. The purchase price will be higher, but they are durable.

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