6 Tips for Making Castor Wheels Faster

Posted on: 18 December 2017

If you're moving supply carts around your factory, mobile bookshelves around your library or any other type of items on castor wheels, you may be wondering how you can speed up movement. If you're tired of castor wheels that are too slow, you may want to check out the following tips. They are designed to help your castor wheels go faster and save you time as you work. 1. Clear the Area
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Don't Overlook These Details When Shopping for a Used Car

Posted on: 15 December 2017

A used car can be a great value, as many of today's models will have years of life left in them, even if they're several years old or have high miles or kilometres on the odometer. You may face a few more repair bills after buying a used car than you would with a new car, but you might also save money on your car insurance, evening out those overall costs of car ownership!
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Two Reasons to Hire a Four-Wheel Drive Before Travelling Through a Rural Area

Posted on: 14 December 2017

If you intend to travel through a rural area, it might be worth hiring a vehicle from a local 4wd hire company before you head off on your trip. Read on to find out why. It could prevent a breakdown Hiring a four-wheel drive instead of a standard two-wheel car for your trip could potentially reduce the likelihood of a breakdown occurring during your travels.   The reason for this is as follows; rural areas often have unpaved roads.
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Simple Troubleshooting Tips for Repairing a Trailer

Posted on: 13 December 2017

If the trailer you use to haul a boat or any type of equipment is in disrepair, you don't want to put off having it fixed. Even a small problem can mean tipping and swaying when you're on the road, which can cause the trailer to become unhooked, or allow items to spill out of the trailer. Problems with the brake lights of the trailer can also lead to an accident, if someone behind you doesn't realize you're stopping.
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